Easy Knitting Patterns for Beginners
Simple Knits for All Knitters

This fun and easy knitting patterns page is a great place for beginner knitters to start practicing their newly acquired skills.  These patterns for knitting beginners will help build your confidence plus you'll get to knit something that you can use as well.

After all it's much more fun learning how to knit if you're actually making something. 

But then again...

If you have been knitting forever like me this is a great place to find very simple knitting projects.  You know the ones; the ones you go to after knitting a very long and complicated knitting project.  It always feels great to knit something up quickly and easily after spending so many hours on the last project.

These easy knits could also make great gifts.  Before you go out and buy a gift try knitting a gift instead. I'm sure they'd love it.  Knitted gifts are always special.

And remember it's also a great way to save money. Sometimes you may want to give a small gift to someone and this is a great way to do it. Something that is handmade is always special.

So pick up those needles, grab some great yarn that feels as soft as butter and get started with one of these easy patterns.

Easy Knitting Patterns 

All of these are pretty basic knitting patterns however there are a couple that require an additional skill like the keyhole scarf for instance, you will need to place some stitches on a stitch holder and the little wrist warmers require you to knit two stitches together but remember they are all basic knitting techniques to learn. 

And it's all great knitting practice.


Scarves and Neckwarmers


Fingerless Mittens

Shawls and Sweaters

Knitted Bags

I will be adding more and more easy knitting patterns to this page and eventually they will be categorized as well so that you will be able to find them more easily.

For now though I just wanted you to have a chance to get going on some fun and simple knitting patterns.

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