Ponytail Hat - Simple Knit Hat Pattern

This ponytail hat pattern is a fun quick knitting project and not only do you get a messy bun hat with this easy knitting pattern, but you also get a cute knitted hat with poms poms. 

Ponytail Hat Knitting Pattern

You may even be able to wear this messy bun hat as a neck warmer but I'll let you decide on that after you make it.  

See if it's wide enough and if so you've got a ponytail hat, knitted hat and neck warmer all in one.  

This easy knitting pattern is also beginner friendly.  I love giving new knitters easy patterns to practice their knitting skills.  

The really cool part about knitting ponytail hats / messy bun hats is you don't need to do all the decreasing at the crown as you normally would in a regular knit hat pattern. 

This fun hat pattern is made with thick soft yarn and easy knitting stitches. I wanted to create simple textured stitches so I chose the Double Andalusian stitch pattern. 

It creates just enough texture and it's still a nice easy quick knit pattern. It also has a larger opening at the top so it will be great for large messy buns.

I hope you enjoy the pattern.

Click on the link to download ponytail hat pattern 

Ponytail Hat Pattern Details

Skills Required: Cast On, Knit, Purl, P2tog, Bind off

Gauge: 2.5 = 1 inch

Materials: Approximately 100 yards bulky weight yarn and straight or circular knitting needles size US 13 (9 mm)

Size: To fit adult head circumference approximately 20 – 23 inches. It’s quite stretchy

Notes: I used two colours for my pony tail hat but you can use one if you like. This easy hat pattern is knit flat and can be done in a couple of hours which means you can knit up a whole bunch in different colors. 

Hmm great knitting idea for gift giving. :)

Ponytail Hat Knitting Pattern

Ponytail Hat Knitting Pattern

With contrasting color and using stretchy cast on of your choice, I used the long tail cast on 52 sts

Knit 4 rows of K2, P2 ribbing

Switch to main colour and knit as follows:

Rows 1 and 3: Knit

Row 2: Purl

Row 4: P1, *K2, P1, repeat from * to end of row

Work pattern rows 1 – 4 until your work is approximately 8.5 inches from beginning.

Switch back to contrasting color and continue as follows:

Row 1: K2, P2 to end

Row 2: Eyelet Row: *K2, yo, P2tog, repeat from * to end

Knit 2 more rows of ribbing and bind off loosely.

Finish Knitting

Seam up back.

How to make tie for top of hat

There are a couple of ways you can make a tie for the top of the hat. Either make an I-Cord tie or you can simply crochet a chain or even use a nice ribbon. 

If you aren’t sure how to crochet a chain I’ve included a video just below my pattern. Be sure to make the tie long enough to weave through the holes at the top of the hat and cinch it closed.

Add pom poms if you wish or even beads, weave in the ends and you're finished knitting your ponytail hat and knitted hat all in one.

How to Crochet a Chain Video

Simple right?  Happy Knitting!

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