Helpful Resources and Knitting Websites

There are some very helpful resources online for knitting that I use and I wanted to create this page to share them with all of you.  

Helpful Resources

It's simply a way to make your knitting life a little easier. After all we can all use some knitting help at one time or another.

At the end of my post you'll also find some knitting websites that offer free knitting patterns.  Gotta love those free patterns.

So let's get started...

One Of My Favorite Helpful Resources

Knitting resources

YarnSub can help you find the perfect yarn substitutions for your next knitting project. 

After all, how many of you use the yarn that's called for in your knitting pattern? 

Of course it's nice to be able to use the suggested yarns in a knitting pattern however there are many reasons that people don't or can't.  YarnSub is a great help when you need to find a suitable substitution.

Just finding the right yarn texture and knitting gauge that's going to work for your knitting project can be a hassle.  Until now that is.

Each yarn substitute is broken down by texture, gauge, fiber content and the qualities of the yarn substitute.

This will give you a good comparison to the original yarn.  And there's even a nifty filter too so if you want to filter out a certain fiber like wool for example, you'll be able to do that.

Plus if you sign up for YarnSub's emails you'll get an update on all the new and discontinued yarns.  

Not only that but there's also a list of recently published crochet and knitting books.  Now that's pretty cool!

Second Most Favorite Helpful Resources 

Knitting Fool is the second on my list of helpful resources. This is one those knitting websites you'll want to bookmark or better yet stick in your faves.

There's great knitting information here like sweater pattern generators, a huge list of knitting stitch patterns that are completely alphabetized or listed by multiples or even listed by stitch type like cables for instance.   

You'll also find knitting chart symbols, abbreviations and terms. And here's something I think is pretty unique, you'll find knitting terms that are translated from other languages and I'm not talking one or two languages either.

This knitting website is filled with helpful resources and I think you'll enjoy it as much as I do.   

Third & Fun Knitting Resource

Random Stripe Generator is a fun little knitting resource and while there are many stripe generators out there I keep coming back to this one.

It's very simple to use.  You simply enter in your colors, decide on the distance between the rows and click a button.  It's a good indicator of what your stripes will look like with the colors your chose. And it's fun to use.

In fact I used it for the stripes in my knit scarf.  

Knitting resources

Fourth Knitting Resource 

WorldKnits has a great knitting calculator. This is a quick and easy way to work out the increases or decreases evenly across your row and I find it so helpful.  

And there's even a calculator for increasing or decreasing stitches to taper a sleeve for a sweater. I think it's pretty cool.

It's always nice to know how to figure these things out for yourself BUT it's also nice to have a break and get it done for you.  Keep it simple.

Fifth and Very Helpful Resource

The Craft Yarn Council is one of those knitting websites you may not have thought of first off.  

But they have some pretty amazing knitting information and helpful resources.

You can learn about yarn weights, standard sizing for making your own knitting patterns, current knitting news and so much more. It's too much to mention here but I urge you to check them out.

Right now knitting away stress is a pretty hot topic and learning about all the wonderful health benefits of knitting is pretty cool reading material.  This knitting website is well worth looking at.  

Sixth Interesting Knitting Resource

This Super Simple Circular Hat Calculator is my next helpful resources link for you. And you guessed it. It's all about knitting hats on circular knitting needles.

It's just one page long and if you have the basic understanding about how to knit a hat in the round then this page is for you.

It's actually a great way to design your own knit hats well worth it to read the information.

You may want to print the page and next time you're looking for an amazing knit hat pattern you'll be able to create it all on your own.

Also, if you're looking for some information on knitting hats I also created a page of hat knitting tips plus a hat size chart you might enjoy checking out.

The Final Helpful Resources You'll Really Enjoy

Knitting websites with free knitting patterns!

Helpful resources

You may or may not realize this but a lot of yarn companies have an abundance of beautiful free knitting patterns for all skill levels.

Here is a list of some knitting websites where you'll find all the free knitting patterns you want

Yarnspirations  They have lots of free knitting patterns and loads of inspiration to help you get started with your next knitting project.

Lion Brand   You'll find lots of free knitting patterns.

Cascade Yarns  One of my favorite yarns and they have some lovely free patterns

KnitPicks  Great place for free knitting patterns and paid ones, knitting tools and supplies and of course their beautiful yarns.

AllFreeKnitting  Great knitting website to find hundreds of free patterns.

Knitting Patterns Galore  Lots of free patterns

Ravelry is a community of over 2 million crafters of all sorts:  knitters, crocheters, designers, the list is endless and it's a great place to meet other crafters, share patterns and show off your knitted projects.

It's a great organizational tool where you can keep track of your patterns and yarn plus there's even a yarn and pattern database for knitters and crocheters.

It's also a great place to get knitting ideas and inspiration.  You will need to sign up and join Ravelry but don't worry it's free to join.

Purl Soho This is a lovely online resource website for crafters of all sorts. From knitting to crochet, quilting to embroidery Purl Soho has it all.

You can search for yarns, fabrics, kits, and notions.  You'll find free as well as paid knitting patterns and their yarns are amazing. 

This place is sure to give you inspiration for your next knitting project. I love to browse their beautiful pages.

I hope this helps.  Happy Knitting!


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