Six Step Knitting Guide - How To Start Knitting Today

This knitting guide will help beginner knitters who come to simple-knitting.  This page breaks down exactly what you need to know to start knitting today. 

And this page is also for those of you who only want to learn the basic knitting stitches.  Maybe some of you want to learn enough to make some easy knitted gifts and this page is for you too.

The knitting guide is a condensed version of exactly what you need to do to start knitting stitches now.  Once you've conquered these the rest will fall into place.

Knitting Guide

And when you've worked through this guide you'll even be able to try some very simple knitting patterns so you can practice what you learned.  These patterns will make great knitted gifts too!

Ready to Get Started?    Great, here we go...

Fun Part Of Knitting Guide....Shopping

1.  The first thing you need to do is purchase some yarn.  What kind?  A medium worsted weight yarn (4) will be best to work with.  And make sure to pick a light color so it'll be easier to see your stitches.  

Yarn and needle size to start knitting with

Some great yarns to try are Patons Canadiana, Red Heart Super Saver or Red Heart Soft and Bernat Super Value Yarn.  These are all very popular and have a variety of colors to choose from.

Next you'll need to purchase size US 8 or 9 (5mm or 5.5mm) knitting needles.  These are the easiest to handle when you're learning.   

Note:   You don't have to buy the super long knitting needles right now unless you want too.  The shorter straight knitting needles will work just fine and won't be so cumbersome.

When you have time you can read all about the beginning knitting steps on my getting started page.  It's covers choosing yarn and needles.

Also please keep in mind that this is a beginners guide to knitting only.  You can find instructions for everything on my knitting instructions page.

Knitting Guide - Knitting Lessons Begin 

2 & 3.  The first two knitting lessons are to make a slip knot and cast on knitting stitches. (Just click on the links) Choose a cast on you like.  My two favorites are the long tail cast on and the knitted cast on.  Cast on about 20 or 30 stitches to practice. 

All done?   Great!

4.  Next you need to learn how to knit the knit stitch, the funnest stitch and my favorite stitch.  

Keep practicing knitting stitches until you feel comfortable and then you can move on to number five of this knitting guide.

Note:  Knitting every stitch on every row is called Garter stitch

5. The next knitting guide lesson is to learn how to purl stitches.  

6.  When you finish practicing the knitting and purling lessons you need to learn how to cast off.  It's also known as binding off.  Casting off stitches is a simple way to take the live stitches off your needle.

This six step knitting guide gave you the foundation you need to keep on knitting or to enjoy where you're at right now.

And even now there are some pretty awesome knitting patterns you can do.

Beginner Knitting Patterns

Even my friend Tink here loves this knitting guide and the first knitting pattern, the easiest ever hat pattern. Well have a look for yourself.  

She just has to show off her new knitting skills!

The knitting patterns below are very simple and contain everything you learned in my knitting guide:

  • slip knot
  • cast on
  • knit stitch 
  • purl stitch
  • bind off

Even the knit sweater pattern below is wonderful for beginners because all you need to do is knit a rectangle.  It sounds ridiculous but it works perfectly.  

All these patterns and in fact the rest of them on my knitting patterns page are simple and I hope you enjoy them.  Some are more challenging but it's important to challenge yourself.

You may also enjoy trying some of my knitting stitch patterns.  These aren't actual patterns but rather stitch patterns that create texture and pretty designs.

These will be great knitting practice for you.  

I hope this knitting guide simplified how to start knitting and most of all helped you with your knitting.  

Happy Knitting!

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