How To Knit Stitch For Beginners

This page is all about learning how to knit stitch and it's one of the first basic knitting stitches for beginners. 

It's fun and super simple to do. 

When you knit every stitch on every row it's called the Garter stitch pattern.  

And I just love knitting Garter stitch.  It's one of those simple knitting stitches that just seems to calm the nerves.

This is what Garter stitch knitting looks like. It's simply created by knitting the knit stitch.

knitting the knit stitch on every row creates the Garter stitch pattern

It's so simple to create and simply beautiful in all sorts of patterns. 

Garter stitch creates a wonderfully stretchy fabric. It also lies flat and doesn't curl which is great for knitting borders on blankets and sweaters.

It's just a lovely stitch and so easy to knit. So let's get started knitting stitches shall we? 

Are You Ready To Start Knitting?

Let's see. Did you check out my page on how to make a slip knot for knitting? It simply creates an anchor for the stitches you cast on. 

And did you cast on stitches for knitting yet?

If not you may want to check out my casting on knitting page to find a cast on method you like. I really like the knitted cast on but that's me.

Then simply cast on about 20 stitches for this knitting lesson. All set?

How to Knit Stitch

This set of photos is the English knitting method where you hold the working yarn in your right hand. 

It is also called the American, throwing, or right-handed style.

Knit stitch
How to knit a stitch

Hold your knitting needle with the cast on stitches in your left hand. 

Make sure that your working yarn is at the back of your work. 

Insert the right needle into the first loop on the left hand needle.  Push the needle through from front to back.

How to knit a stitch
How to knit

Then with your working yarn, wrap it counterclockwise around right hand needle bringing it in between both needles. 

Snug it up a little bit.

How to knit stitch
How to knit

With the yarn still wrapped around the right needle, bring right knitting needle through that first loop on the left knitting needle to complete the newly formed stitch. 

Keep pulling that newly formed stitch through the loop on the left needle.

How to knit
How to knit stitch

Slowly drop the first stitch off the left knitting needle. It has now been worked.

How to knit stitch

Continue on until you have worked all the stitches on your knitting needle.

What Do You Do When You Reach The End Of The Row?

Move your right needle with all the new stitches on it to your left hand. 

Put the empty knitting needle in your right hand and start knitting a new row.

This is called turning your work. Typically you start off knitting with the right side facing you. 

Then you turn your work and the wrong side faces you and so on.

Remember: When you work garter stitch both sides will look the same so you won't really have a wrong side. 

It's completely reversible and it also lays flat and doesn't curl. There's just so much versatility in this one knit stitch.  

Keep practicing until you feel comfortable with it. I promise it will get easier and more comfortable.

For those of you who prefer watching how to knit stitch ...

I have chosen two excellent videos to help you. The first one is the English knitting method. 

The second is the Continental knitting method.

Grab a cup of tea and have a look.

 The Knit Stitch Video Tutorial - English Style

 The Knit Stitch Video Tutorial - Continental Style 

Knit Stitch Practice Lesson

In order to practice the knit stitch properly here's a little exercise.

Cast on 30 - 40 stitches

Knit every row until you have a square. Approximately 30 - 40 rows.

Bind off all you stitches. Wondering how to cast off?  You can learn how to bind off stitches here

Once you have finished binding off make sure to leave about 6 inches of yarn so that you can weave in the ends properly.  

That way your knitting won't unravel.

You have just knit your first garter stitch dishcloth!

Alternate Knit Stitch Practice Lesson

knit stitch

Or if you prefer to practice with an easy knitting pattern try these absolutely beginner fingerless mitts

They're just as simple as your practice lesson above and you'll get way more out of it because you can wear these.

Have some fun knitting!

When you're comfortable with knitting you can head on over and learn how to purl stitches.

I'll see you over there.

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