How to Purl Stitches - Easy Knitting Tutorial 

Learning how to purl stitches is really simple to do. And if you've been practicing the knit stitch for awhile then you're ready for purling too. Besides these two stitches go together like bread and butter.

The best part is, once you know how to knit and purl you can make practically anything. And the stitch patterns you can create are endless and so pretty.

Think of purl stitching as the opposite to the knit stitch. You still hold your knitting needles the same way however you will hold the yarn in front of your knitting needle as you purl the stitches. 

Even though knitting purl stitches is easy to do it will feel a little awkward to work at first but you'll get used to it as you practice. 

Purl stitches tend to get looser so just give them a little tug when you are finished working the stitch or hold your yarn a little tighter.                                                                      

How to Purl Stitches

Before you even begin to knit the purl stitch make sure you place the working yarn in front of your work.

How to purl stitches

Insert the right needle down into the first loop on the left needle starting from the top and then move it up a little bit to catch that first loop.

Purling stitches knitting lesson

Then take the working yarn and wrap it around right needle counterclockwise. Snug it up a bit. Notice that with the purl stitch the right knitting needle is in front of left needle.

With the knit stitch the right needle is behind the left needle.

Purling stitches knitting lesson
How to knit purl stitches

Now, with right needle and yarn still wrapped around it, slowly slide it down back through that first loop on left needle.

How to knit purl stitches

Drop this first loop on your left needle. That stitch was just worked (the new stitch is on the right needle)so slide it off the needle.

How to knit purl stitches

Just keep sliding the loop on the left needle off as it has been worked.

Purling stitches
Purling stitches

The new purl stitch now sits on the right needle.

Purling stitches

To help you along, I have chosen two excellent purl knitting videos, using the English style and Continental style.

How to Purl - English Style

How to Purl - Continental Style

So would you like to keep practicing?  Great!  Here's a little practice knitting pattern.

Easy Pattern To Practice The Purl Stitch

Cast on 35 stitches

Knit 5 rows of Garter stitch. (Knit every row)

Row 6:  Knit 5, Purl 25, Knit 5

Row 7: Knit all stitches

Row 8:  Repeat row 6

Row 9:  Repeat row 7

Continue knitting row 6 and 7 until you have a square or as long as you like it to be.

Finish by knitting 5 rows of garter stitch

Bind off loosely and weave in ends.

This little purling knitting pattern can also be your first practice dishcloth. 

Super Easy Knitting Pattern To Practice Purl Stitches

If you'd like to continue practicing Stockinette stitch I made these beginner wrist warmers. 

They're fast and easy and you'll have something to keep your hands and arms toasty warm.

This easy pattern is great for men too. Hope you like them.


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