Knitting Magazines And The Longest Running Online Knit Magazine

Knitting magazines are a great resource for knitters of all skill levels. And as a new knitter I want you to consider these little gems as you learn how to knit.

Magazines are a great resource for knitting tutorials, inspiration and articles about the latest trends and products. 

They're jam-packed with knitting information and can stir up some creative knitting ideas for your next project.

I love checking out the latest knitting techniques and the fresh new knitting patterns and of course those yummy yarns. 

There's always something to inspire me or give me some fresh knitting ideas.

Of course there are those times when I like to curl up with a cup of tea and just browse through my knitting magazines and look at the pretty pictures too.

This is my reading companion Oscar. He loves to be wherever I am even when I'm working on my computer.  

My reading companion Oscar

Even though his name is Oscar he's better known as Babe. Anyway let's continue.

Sadly some knitting magazines stopped publishing so I've had to make some changes to this page. 

The good news is I still managed to find two magazine company's that you might enjoy.

On both knitting magazine websites you'll be able to buy subscriptions and have the print version delivered to your door.

You'll also be able to access and buy or download past issues.

There may be more but living here in Canada I'm not able to access them and I want to be very sure about any information I give you.

I'll also give places where you can still buy past issues of some of your favorites.

Just thought I'd share a vintage magazine cover photo with you. 

vintage magazine cover

 Knitting Magazines That Have Subscriptions


Maybe some of you are familiar with them. I've been subscribed to their newsletters for many years and really enjoy them. 

I just love their mini knitting tutorials in the newsletter. 

Not only is it about knitting now (it used to be) but many different crafts like crochet, jewellery making, beading and so on.

When you sign up for their newsletter you can specify which craft you're interested in.

You can also become a member now. But if you choose not too there are still many things you can access. 

I'm not a member and still have access to everything I enjoy on their website.

You'll like browsing their website. It's loaded with knitting patterns both free and paid, podcasts, videos and knitting magazines. 

You'll also find some free knitting pattern collections. One is a free download of beginner knitting patterns which is really nice.

But there's more and you'll just have to check it out for yourself.

You can even access older magazines and download them and they aren't expensive.

You can also subscribe to their Interweave Knits Magazine and receive a printed copy. 

You'll find lots of mini knitting tutorials, new yarns and of course those lovely knitting patterns. Plus you'll find a whole lot of inspiration. I love their knitting mag.

Vogue Knitting

Vogue knitting has been around for such a long time and they're still going

You just have to check out their website. There are free patterns and paid ones. 

You'll also find current and back issues of Vogue knitting, Knit Simple, Knit.1, and NORO

And here's something that's really neat. They also have a free Vogue Knitting Magazine App for both iOS and Android devices

And the best part is they still have knitting magazine subscriptions too. You can subscribe for 1 year or 2 years.

So you'll find some lovely knitting patterns like accessories and garments with detailed instructions. Plus you'll find out all about the new knitting yarns.

When you subscribe you'll have free access to their digital editions in the Vogue Knitting Magazine App.

Online Knitting Magazine


Knitty Magazine is the longest running free online knitting magazine. They've been around at least 20 years. 

And they publish four issues a year with surprise patterns in-between each issue.

You just have to check out their huge selection of free knitting patterns for all levels of knitting from beginner to advanced. 

But don't stop there, have a good look around.

You'll also find some great knitting tutorials and they even have their own Knitty Shop too.

There's a lot to Knitty and it's right at your fingertips. 

Where Else Can You Find A Good Knitting Mag?

Does anyone remember Creative Knitting Magazine? Well Annies Craft Store website has them available to download. 

They aren't expensive and they're PDF downloads. You'll find some lovely easy knitting patterns in those magazines so you may want to check it out.

I just love Creative Knitting Magazine and miss it. And the patterns are lovely and not too difficult.

Other Places To Find Knitting Magazines

Amazon still sells some issues of knitting magazines so you may want to check them out.

Some are only available on Kindle and some are magazines that will be sent to you

Also you'll find some on Etsy. They have Noro knitting magazines, The Knitter, Vogue Knitting, Creative Knitting Magazine and many more I haven't even heard of before.

For now there are still places that you can access some wonderful knitting magazines.

Think of the cost of one knitting mag with lots of knitting patterns. Then think of the cost of one knitting pattern and you just know it's a great deal.

You know what the fun thing is about them? You can cozy up on the couch with a cup of tea and get inspired by flipping through the pages.

You may enjoy checking out some knitting books too. 

Happy Knitting!

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