Knitting Magazines - Get Inspired!

Knitting magazines are a great resource for knitters of all skill levels. And as a new knitter I wanted you to consider these little gems as you learn how to knit.

Magazines are a great resource for knitting tutorials, inspiration and articles about the latest trends and products. They're usually jam-packed with knitting information and can stir up some creative knitting ideas for your next project.

You'll find things like:

  • Knitting tips and techniques
  • Knitting tutorials
  • Knitting patterns for all skill levels (and they always note the skill level)
  • New yarns and where to buy them
  • Knitting ideas (If you've hit a slump and don't know what to knit!)
  • Fashion and styles in the latest colors of the season
  • Trendy new knitting needles
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I love checking out the latest knitting techniques and the fresh new knitting patterns.  There's always something to inspire me or give me some fresh knitting ideas.

Of course there are those times when I like to curl up with a cup of tea and just browse through my knitting magazines and look at the pretty pictures too. 

They have loads of knitting patterns for the whole family including patterns for the home.  And they even let you know the skill level for the knitting project. 

You'll find knitting magazines in most places like grocery stores, drug stores and book stores.  The next time you're out shopping, pop down the magazine aisle and choose one you like.

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Just A Few Knitting Magazines I Like

Knit Simple - is one of my favorites. It has fun and simple patterns for the whole family, great ideas for quick knits, mini tutorials and great resources on where to shop for yarn.

I actually have this magazine and I love it. The knitting patterns are very clearly marked including the skill level and range from easy to intermediate skill levels. 

Creative Knitting Magazine - This is another one of my favorites. It has a great selection of clearly marked patterns that range from easy to more advanced skills. Plus you'll find some great knitting tutorials and tips.

The patterns are for family and home decor and it's full of knitting tips and tutorials. Plus they have some great knitting articles. 

Vogue Knitting Magazine - This is a lovely magazine and I love looking through it. Their patterns are usually from top designers and range from easy to more advanced.

Knitting instructions are in written and chart form and there's also a nice close up of the yarn.  A lot of the patterns are for women's tops and cardigans. 

Honestly? I don't feel it's very beginner friendly but it's still a nice magazine.

Knitscene is another nice magazine packed with inspiration, how-to articles and exciting knitting patterns. They even suggest more affordable yarns to use which is nice if you're budget conscious like I am.

You'll also find some really neat knitting tips and tricks and I love the little knitting tutorials. And of course besides all this it's just nice looking through all the articles and pictures.

There are many, many more wonderful knitting magazines out there and you'll have to check them out. The four I showed you are the ones that I use and enjoy. I don't even know how many I have now but it's still nice to sift through them for ideas. 

You know what the fun thing is about them? You can cozy up on the couch with a cup of tea and get inspired by flipping through the pages.

You may enjoy checking out some knitting books too. 

Happy Knitting!


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