How to Cast Off Knitting Stitches

Now that your knitting project is finished, you're going to need to cast off knitting stitches to finish up and it's quite simple too.

Binding off is a way to take the live stitches off your needle, create a nice finished edge and stops the stitches from unraveling.  As you may already know cast off and bind off both mean the same thing which is safely and securely taking the live stitches off the needle.

And you know what casting off stitches means right?

It's almost time to start a brand new knitting project. You know the one; the one you were thinking about when you were finishing knitting this project. Haha

And it's time to think about all those wonderful knitting yarns and which ones you're going to choose.  And's just fun and exciting when you're finishing up a knitting project.

The most important thing to remember when you cast off knitting is to cast off very loosely. And it's something I'm not very good at doing myself. I'm a tight knitter.  

If you bind off too tightly you'll find that your knitting will kind of pucker and it won't really drape very well. So try to keep the stitches a little looser than the regular tension you use when you're just normally knitting. 

I explain more about this on my bind off knitting tips page so you may want to take a look there too. It's something I need to practice more myself.

 Cast off Knitting Instructions

To begin casting off stitches, start by knitting two stitches. (Pictures just below)

With your left needle catch the first stitch you knit on the right needle (the bottom one) and take it over the second stitch (the top one) kind of like you're leap frogging.

Then just let the stitch fall.

Knit another stitch and then leap frog the stitch on your right needle again. Keep on casting off stitches this way until you have one stitch left.

Leave about six inches or so and cut the yarn. Bring the yarn completely through the loop.

All you do now is pull it snug.

Here are two videos demonstrating the casting off technique I just showed you. One is English knitting method and the other is Continental.

Happy Knitting!

Bind off Knitting Video - English Style

Bind Off Knitting Video - Continental Style

Pretty simple right? Maybe it's time for a cup of tea.  Enjoy!

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