Garter Stitch Hat - Easiest Ever Hat Pattern 

You'll love how easy this garter stitch hat is to make up.  In fact if there is such a thing as 'too easy' this easy hat pattern is it.  

And you'll probably want to make more than one.  So gather up a bunch of your favorite color knitting yarns. 

It's time to start knitting hats for all your family and friends.

I wanted an incredibly easy hat pattern that anyone can knit without a lot of fussing.  And I have 2 reasons for this...

1.  Because I want beginner knitters to be able to knit some fun and easy knitting projects as they learn how to knit.

Maybe all you learned so far is the knit stitch.  Well, that's just great because now you can make this garter stitch hat.  

Garter stitch hat

This hat can be worn two ways: as a slouchy hat or as an extra warm and snugly hat by folding up the brim so that it fits nicely on your head. 

Just because you are new and still learning to knit doesn't mean that you can't make anything.  

And I want you to experience early on as you're learning, just how cool it is to have something that you actually made.  

It just feels so darn good and that's what knitting is all about.

2. For experienced knitters who love quick knits and a quick pick-me-up after a long project this garter stitch hat pattern is for you.  

I love these kinds of knitting projects.  Don't you?

To download my garter stitch hat pattern click here

Garter Stitch Hat Pattern Details

Skills Required:  Garter Stitch

Finished Circumference:  Approximately 19 - 20 inches (51 cm)

Materials:  1 ball worsted (medium) weight yarn, tapestry needle

Knitting needles:  US 9 (5.5 mm) 

Gauge:  Not important (Don't you just love it when a knitting pattern says that?)

Pattern Notes:  Gauge is not important for this knitting project as I mentioned.  The main reason for this is that Garter stitch is extremely stretchy.  This easy hat pattern will fit many different sizes.

Garter Stitch Hat Instructions

knit hat in garter stitch

Cast on 78 stitches

Knit garter stitch for approximately 12 inches.

Bind off leaving a long tail.  (The long tail is used to close the top of the hat)

Finishing and Seaming Garter Stitch Hat

What I like to do is close up the top of the hat first. Thread the tapestry needle with the long tail of yarn you have left.  

Here's more details about finishing your hat and seaming it. I have a knitting tutorial on this knit hat page and it will show you how to close up the hole at the crown. 

Push the tapestry needle through all the stitches on your knitting needle.  

Pull up tight, sometimes I go around the top twice to make sure it's closed up tight. Then just weave in the rest of the yarn.  

Then with a new piece of yarn, thread the tapestry needle and using the mattress stitch seam up the side of the hat. 

If you need help with seaming I have a super easy knitting lesson on seaming garter stitch that will help you finish your hat,

Then you probably need to weave in the ends and you're all done!

But wait now...

Do You Have Some Left Over Yarn?

Have some more fun knitting with another garter stitch knitting pattern. Knit my easiest ever fingerless mittens too. 

They're also great for beginners and then you'll have a nice set.

Happy Knitting!

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