Flat Knit Hat - Easy Knitting Project

Here is an ultra easy flat knit hat for you to whip up in some of your favorite color yarns.  

It's a simple basic hat that you can embellish on your own in whatever ways you like. 

The nice thing about this basic hat knitting pattern is that you can have two fun looks, one is a simple cozy basic hat with the brim rolled up.

Knit hat

I knit the brim longer so that when it's rolled up it'll keep your ears extra warm.

And if you'd like to keep the brim down you'll have a nice slouchy hat. 

Knit hat

The other nice thing is, it's an even quicker hat to knit because it's knit flat. So there's no fussing with double pointed needles when it comes to the crown shaping. 

As I mentioned on my hat knitting tips page, people have often asked whether you can knit a hat flat. 

In reference to that question here is what a a flat knit hat looks like when you're finished knitting it.

Knit hat knit flat

Knit hats are very simple to make and between my tips page and this page I'll show you how to make one lickety split.

The toughest part is when you need to shape the crown of the hat. That's the part when you start to knit decreases.

And what's really important is being able to work with the numbers (stitches) you have.

This hat knitting pattern shows you the quicker way to make the decreases while still keeping the top looking good.  It's fun and simple.

Knit hat

And it looks pretty fine to me.  

For those of you learning to knit a hat for the first time you'll get to practice 

The links are given in case you'd like to refresh your memory on how to work those stitches.

There are many knitting yarns you can choose for this knit hat.  As long as you choose a worsted weight yarn you'll be fine.

Self-striping and variegated yarns might be fun and you may even enjoy using a super soft merino wool.  

You can also decorate your hat with pom poms, buttons, fringes and tassels.  Just have fun with this basic knit hat pattern.

Here's the PDF link to download my knit hat pattern

Knit Hat Pattern Details

Knit hat

Skills Required:  Cast on, bind off, knit, purl, mattress stitch

Materials:  Approximately 150 - 200 yards heavy worsted weight yarn, I used Caron One Pound in the color lilac

Needles:  Size US 10 (6 mm) and US 10.5 (6.5 mm)

Gauge:  3.75 sts = 1 inch in Stockinette stitch using US 10.5 needles

Abbreviations:  K, k = knit, P, p = purl, sts = stitches, K2tog = knit 2 stitches together

Size:  Will fit most adults plus it's stretchy

Notes:  Brim is knit extra long in order to turn it up and have the double thickness to keep your ears nice and warm.

Knit Hat Pattern

knit hat

With US 10 (6 mm) needles cast on 76 stitches using long tail cast on or whatever method you prefer.

Row 1:  Knit 2, purl 2 to end of row

Repeat row 1 ribbing for approximately 6 inches

Switch to larger needles now

Next Row:  Using US 10.5 needles begin knitting Stockinette stitch until your work measures 10 inches from the cast on.  (This will allow for another inch to shape the crown)

Stockinette stitch pattern:

Row 1:  Knit

Row 2:  Purl

Crown Shaping

Row 1:  *K2, K2tog, repeat from * to end of row.  58 sts

Row 2:  Purl

Row 3:  *K1, K2tog, repeat from * to end of row.  38 sts

Row 4:  Purl

Row 5:  K2tog across the row.  19 sts 

When you reach the 19 stitches continue on to the finishing and seaming below.

Finishing And Seaming Knit Hat

Cut yarn and leave a long tail at least 8 – 10 inches in length.  

Thread yarn tail through tapestry needle and work through remaining stitches on needle starting at the opposite end.

Knit hat

Draw up and pull tightly to close the top of the hat.  You can even work the needle through those top stitches a second time to make sure the hat is tightly closed.

Knit hat

Then continue seaming with the mattress stitch down the back of the hat.

Knit Hat

Weave in the ends and simply enjoy!  

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