Easy Knit Hat Pattern

This warm easy knit hat pattern is a fast and fun quick knitting project. And for those of you who prefer working on straight knitting needles this is a two-needle hat pattern for you to enjoy. 

Sometimes I do prefer knitting hats on 2 needles and I'm sure some of you do too. I just find it a little easier.

This easy hat pattern will make a great last minute gift or a super project if you're knitting for charity plus it's simply a nice easy knitting project. 

Easy Knit Hat

For beginner knitters this easy knit hat is a little more detailed than my garter stitch hat pattern.  This one has a little more shaping at the top.

That way you can practice a couple more knitting techniques like the rib stitch pattern and also a knit decrease, the K2tog (knit two stitches together).

For all you experienced knitters out there this is simply a nice relaxing quick knitting project to enjoy.  And again if you like knitting hats for charity this hat is a great choice as it knits up in no time and will fit most adults.

Click on the link to download my easy knit hat pattern 

Easy Knit Hat Details

Skills Required



Cast on

Bind off

K2tog (Knit 2 sts together) 

Gauge 2.5 sts and 4.5 rows = 1 inch 


Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick

Needles US 13 (9mm) and 15 (10mm)


K, k = knit

P, p = purl

K2tog = knit 2 sts together

Notes: This hat pattern will fit most adults because it's nice and stretchy. When I designed it I made it for a head measurement of 20 inches however it really is very stretchy and will fit most adults.

The measurement from the crown to the ribbing is about 9 inches (sewn up) so it actually fits really nicely on your head. 

Easy Knit Hat Pattern

With smaller needles (US 13) cast on 52 sts. I used the long tail cast on.

Knit 2 X 2 (K2, P2) for 2 inches.

Switch to larger needles (US 15) and knit garter stitch until work measures 7 inches from beginning.

Crown Shaping

Row 1: K2, k2tog across row

Row 2: Knit 3 rows

Row 5: K2tog across row

Break yarn and thread through tapestry needle. Push needle and yarn through remaining sts and pull tight. Push needle through sts one more time.

Seam up and weave in ends. Enjoy!

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