OXO Cable - One Of The Cutest Cable Stitch Patterns

The OXO cable stitch pattern has to be one of the cutest cable stitch patterns I've knitted. And you just have to try it too. You'll love it.

If you're sentimental like I am then this is the perfect stitch pattern to use on your family and loved ones. 

OXO Cable

OK the hugs and kisses cable stitch is more challenging to knit. But it's honestly not that bad because as you go along you'll get used to the stitch pattern and start getting into a kind of flow with it. And then it turns into being a challenging yet fun knitting practice session.

And besides all that you can't go wrong if you pull out some scrap yarn and give it a try right? And I bet you'll even surprise yourself. It's also fun to watch the pattern take shape as you go along. 

The OXO cable stitch pattern would work especially well as a highlight feature such as a border around a blanket or possibly up the sides of a knit sweater or better yet if you have an open cardigan pattern, you know the ones without buttons, you can use this as a border going up the fronts, maybe a border around a hat or in the center of some hand warmers.

You can also try the XO cable as an allover stitch pattern on something like pillow covers, small blankets. The possibilities are quite endless really.

Since the panel is only 12 stitches wide there are many ways you can incorporate it into your knitting.  And it's definitely a nice way to knit in a special touch. 

 OXO Cable Stitch Pattern

Stitch Pattern Notes:

With this knitting stitch pattern you may like to add a few extra stitches to each end of the needle as a Garter stitch border. You don't have too but it might make it a little easier. I'd add about 5 sts to each side. The choice is yours and it will definitely work either way you decide to knit it. 

With this is in mind, if you'd like to knit a sample without extra stitches simply cast on 12, 24 or 36 stitches. 

If you'd like to knit a sample with the extra stitches cast on 22 or 34 stitches. Remember to always knit 5 sts at the beginning and end of each row. So knit 5 sts, work the pattern row to the last 5 sts and knit the last 5 sts. 

The OXO cable is worked over a 12 stitch panel.

Row 1 and 3 (Wrong side): Knit 2, purl 8, k2

Row 2: P2, knit 8, purl 2

Row 4: Purl 2, Slip next 2 stitches (purlwise) to the cable needle and hold at back of knitting, knit 2, k2 off cable needle; slip the next 2 stitches (purlwise) to the cn. Hold on front side. Knit 2, knit 2 off cable needle; p2

Row 5, 6 and 7: As row 1, 2, and 3

Row 8: Purl 2, slip next 2 stitches (purlwise) to the cable needle. Hold on front side. Knit 2 then k2 off cable needle; slip the next 2 stitches (purlwise) to the cn. Hold in back. Knit 2, knit 2 off cable needle; purl 2

Row 9 - 12: Work row 5 - 8 again.

Row 13 - 16 - Work row 1 - 4 again.

Repeat rows 1 - 16 for this pattern

These rows create the 'hugs and kisses' cable

Have fun makings x's and o's.  Once you get the hang of it I'll bet it's one you keep coming back too. 

Would you like to check out a OXO cable knitting pattern? Great! Because I have one for you.

OXO Baby Pattern

Would you like to try my baby sleep sack pattern. I designed this baby pattern for my lovely new granddaughter born actually one day before my birthday in January. 

This baby pattern is done on circular knitting needles and was a lot of fun to make. 

Hope you like it. 

Happy Knitting!

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