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My How to Knit Blog is a mini journal that lets you know when I've added new pages to Simple-Knitting. It will also keep you updated with any knitting news or updates I've made as well.

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Temperature Blanket Progress Report July 2017

Hi Everyone. I've updated my temperature blanket page. Come on over and check out my blanket and let me know in the comments how you're doing with yours. I'd love to hear from you.

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Temperature Blanket 2017

A temperature blanket is a fun knitting project where you knit one row a day over one year in colors according to the temperature. Learn how to knit one.

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Cozy Hat and Mittens Knitting Pattern

This cozy hat and mittens knitting pattern set is an easy quick knitting project using two needles and basic knitting stitches.

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Super Scarf Knitting Pattern

Here’s a great super scarf knitting pattern. This easy scarf pattern is fun to knit using simple knit and purl stitches and it’s great for new knitters.

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First Knitting Forum Member

We have our first knitting forum member over at Knitters Digest Forum. Yippee! I'm very happy and excited to welcome Janet as the first member to our knitting community.

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Knitting Forum

My new Knitters Digest knitting forum is open to all who love to knit so join me and help make Knitters Digest your fun tight-knit knitting community.

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Knitting For Charity

Use your love for knitting by knitting for charity. Here's what you need to look for, questions to ask, and how to get started with knitting charities.

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