Knitting Tools

There are so many knitting tools to choose from today. And it's so fun to go shopping. But you may be wondering which ones you really need. 

When you see all the pretty little gadgets and knitting accessories I swear you'll want at least one of everything. There's always something new and they're so pretty too.  This is when I personally have to exercise control...haha  There's just so many pretty things 

So other than yarn and knitting needles how do you know what knitting tools to buy?

When you are beginning knitting I would stick with the knitting essentials, like, yarn, needles, point protectors. That way if it turns out that knitting isn't for you, you haven't spent a lot of money.  Oh I'm sure you'll love knitting just like me but then again I know it's not for everyone.  


Knitting Bag

knitting bag

First of all you are going to need something to keep all your knitting tools and accessories in.

Please, don't do what I did - because it's just not right.

What did I do?

Well I am quite ashamed but I kept a lot of my knitting in plastic bags - you know the ones - shopping bags.

When you go shopping for knitting yarns, knitting needles and tools for knitting those things are special and you will be using them to make beautiful things for yourself and others. So please store them in something nice.

Be proud of what you're knitting. You may spend hours and hours working on a project. That has special meaning.  How you store it is just as important. 

Show off your pretty knitting bag too.

I made this big ol knitting bag and I just love it! I love knitting the knit stitch so this is made with the garter stitch pattern throughout. It knit up so quickly and I feel much better for doing it. Now my knitting projects have a nice storage space.

Of course you'll probably want to buy one for now and you'll find lots of great choices and in all price ranges as well.  You don't have to spend lots of money if you don't want too.  Me?  I tend to be pretty thrifty. I just don't like spending lots of money if I don't have too.   

Point Protectors

Point protectors are little rubber caps which come in a variety of styles and sizes. Simply put them on the ends of your knitting needles when you are done knitting and your stitches won't slip off the needles.  This is a handy knitting accessory to have.

Row Counter

This is a great little knitting tool and it's the only one I use. This will help you keep track of your rows (as long as you remember to move it up after every row...sometimes I forget) There are many different kinds of row counters but I just like to keep it simple. I'd like to make a suggestion. While this row counter can be put on your knitting needle I found it to be kind of bothersome so I used the yarn tail that I started knitting with and attached it there. That way it's always with you and not in the way. 

Stitch Markers

This is an indispensable knitting tool and one of my favorites. Locking stitch markers are the greatest things since sliced bread. Ha, I use these little markers for so many different things in knitting and I just love them. They're like a mini safety pin so you can actually stick them in a stitch and lock it and it won't slip out.

They're great when you are seaming knitting because you can bring the seams together. You can even mark where you made a mistake and then go back later to fix it.  I'm sure you'll find loads of uses for these little gems.

Tape measure - Knitting tool essential

This is cute and handy. There's always something to measure when you're knitting and this tape measure is small enough to fit into your knitting bag without getting all tangled up. 


A small pair of scissors just for your knitting projects is handy and fits nicely in your knitting bag too. 

Needle Gauge

This little knitting tool is a needle and stitch gauge and it tells you what size your knitting needles are. Just poke the needle through the holes until you find the one that fits.

It also tells you what your knitting gauge is. Knitting gauge means how many stitches and row you have per inch. See that little slot on the left side? That helps you determine how many stitches and rows you have per inch. You can read more about gauge right here.

Stitch Holders

At some point you will need to place a few stitches on a stitch holder. Stitch holders protect the stitches from unraveling while you work on the others. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. These here show a small, medium and large size.

Cable Needles

This is my favorite cable needle. It is called a U cable stitch holder and when I finally managed to buy these my cable knitting became a whole lot better and I got a whole lot happier. 

Your knitting stitches won't fall off when you use this cable needle and because it's U shaped it lies flatter than the straight cable needles. These came in a package of three in different sizes so you can match the cable stitch holder to the size of the yarn you are using.

Finally no more fussing. 

Tapestry Needle

A yarn (tapestry) needle is a blunt end needle used to weave in the ends of your finished project and sew up the finished pieces of fabric. Try to find one with a big eye in it so the knitting yarn will slide through easily.

Crochet Hook - Why Would I Need One?

I use a crochet hook mainly for picking up dropped stitches however it's also handy when you find that the ends of your yarn are too short to weave in with the tapestry needle. I would get one to have on hand.

Time for you to have some fun shopping.

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