Twisted Stockinette Stitch Pattern 

The twisted stockinette stitch pattern is a great way to change things up a little bit. And it'll still keep your knitting simple and easy to knit.  

With this twisted stitch pattern it's okay to knit twisted stitches and you'll really enjoy the lovely results. 

You'll even learn how to knit through the back loop and how to purl through the back loop. Don't worry though, it's super easy to learn.

The instructions are just below the stitch pattern. If you'd like to jump right to them you can right here. Or simply read on about this lovely twisted Stockinette pattern. 

Whoa! Isn't a Twisted Stitch a Knitting Mistake?

Well yes and no. There's a twisted stitch knitting mistake which I talk about if you click the link and then there are beautiful twisted stitch knitting stitch patterns. 

Today I'm showing you a pattern variation on the classic Stockinette Stitch. 

Let's face it sometimes knitting Stockinette can get a little, well...boring. Okay I said it.   

Don't get me wrong I love knitting Stockinette Stitch but sometimes I want a small change while still keeping things simple. 

And with one little, super easy knitting technique you can change boring into eye candy. Just like that! And it's fun.

All you do is create a twisted knit stitch to make a pretty design and a nice textured pattern in your knitting.

And as I mentioned above the mini knitting tutorials are just below to help you with this twisted stitch pattern.

Twisted Stockinette

Twisted Stockinette Stitch Pattern

It's pretty isn't it?  And that's simply made by twisting the knit stitches.  Funny how changing one little thing will make such a pretty difference.

You'll just love the texture of this stitch pattern too. Can you picture that on a lovely sweater pattern?  I sure can and how lovely too.

You can use the twisted Stockinette stitch pattern for anything you'd like. So if you'd like to switch out plain Stockinette stitch it's simple enough to do. 

 And it will be a lovely and dramatic difference. 

One thing hasn't changed though and that's like most Stockinette stitch patterns. 

It still curls so keep this in mind when you want to use it in one of your knitting projects.

Twisted Stockinette Stitch Pattern

Twisted Stockinette

Worked on any number of stitches

Row 1:  Knit all stitches through back loop

Row 2:  Purl

Repeat row 1 and 2 for pattern.

Below you'll find the mini tutorials I mentioned.  They will show you how to knit through the back loop and also how to purl through the back loop.  

Both will be important to learn since you'll eventually run into these knitting techniques at some point.  Don't worry, they're both very easy to knit.

How to Knit Through Back Loop

Twisted stitches are created by knitting or purling through the back loops of your stitches. For some patterns you just need to twist a stitch here and there. 

Other times it can be a whole row of stitches like the twisted Stockinette pattern above.  It just depends on the patterns.

Knit Through Back Loop

Twisted Stockinette
Knit through back loop quick knitting lesson for stitch pattern

And just in case you want to see it in action, here is a quick little knitting video showing you how.

Knit Through Back Loop Knitting Video

How To Purl Through Back Loop (PTBL)

Twisted Stockinette - Mini knitting tutorial
Twisted Stockinette - Mini knitting tutorial
Twisted Stockinette - Mini knitting tutorial

Purl Through Back Loop Video

Hope this helps. Happy Knitting!

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