What is a Twisted Stitch? What Does it Look Like?
And How Do I Fix it?

There are two types of twisted stitches, the kind you make by accident - a knitting mistake, and the kind that you create on purpose.  Oh yes, there are some beautiful knitting stitch patterns where you're twisting stitches.

However this page is all about fixing a knitting mistake, a stitch that is on your needle backwards.  And this page is mainly pictures so that you will truly know what a twisted knit stitch looks like.

Most times these stitches were twisted because they fell off your needle and in a panic you put them all back on before they started unraveling. Phew that was close.  And I know how you feel, I've done it.

Great job for getting them all back on!

View of the Twisted Stitch on the Needle

twisted stitch

You will notice that when you have a twisted knit stitch on your needle a couple of the stitches won't be sitting quite right. 

You see when one stitch is on backwards (the little trouble maker) it also makes it's neighbors a little off center as well. 

Normal Knit Stitch and Twisted Knit Stitch

twisted stitch

This is a normal stitch.  It is a simple loop that narrows as it goes through the stitch below it. 

The two legs of the stitch sit beside each other at the narrow opening but they never cross over each other.

twisted stitch

This is a twisted knit stitch. 

It crosses at the bottom as it goes through the stitch below. 

Here's a Way to See the Stitches as You're Knitting

twisted stitch

In a normal knit stitch the right leg of the stitch sits at the front of the needle and the left leg sits at the back. 

That way when you go to knit the stitch the needle will go through the front leg and open the stitch up like in this picture

twisted stitch

On the other hand when you knit into a twisted stitch it doesn't open but actually crosses at the bottom kind of forming an 'x' like in this picture.  It will also feel much tighter.

Whenever I have a stitch that suddenly feels tighter than the rest, I double check to see if it somehow got twisted.

And Finally...

twisted stitch

If you were to ignore it like I have done before, tisk, tisk, it will look like this in your knitting.  It just doesn't look right does it? 

Twisted stitches look kind of awkward and break up the flow of the stitches.  Sometimes it may be a little bigger than the normal ones or they may be tighter and it breaks up the symmetry of the knitting.  It just doesn't look right. 

So How Do I Fix It?

Simple, just knit into the back loop and that will untwist the stitch. Or...

twisted stitch

You can simply take the twisted stitch off the needle, untwist it and...

twisted stitch

Put it back on the right way.  Easy peasy.

The easy part is fixing it I know.  I just found that finding it was a little trickier.  That's why I wanted to show you lots of pictures.  This way you won't have any trouble finding it when it happens.

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