Waffle Stitch Pattern - Easy Knit And Purl Stitches

The waffle stitch pattern is simply lovely and creates a nice textured pattern on your fabric. 

And because it is made with knit and purl stitches it's a great stitch pattern for beginner knitters to practice with. 

All you do is alternate the knit and purl stitches which creates the bumps, just like waffles.

 I love the textured feel of this waffle stitch too. Nice and squishy.

Waffle Stitch Pattern

Here's some a little more information about this pretty stitch pattern:

  • It lies flat
  • It's very stretchy
  • Great for beginning knitters
  • You'll have the pattern memorized after a couple of rows

It's not really reversible but the wrong side doesn't look too bad. You'll have to decide for yourself when you knit it.

Waffle Stitch Knitting Ideas

Because this pattern lies flat you don't necessarily have to put a border around it. I am thinking of when you knit dishcloths and tea towels.

Wouldn't it make a really nice tea towel set? Or even some nice table placemats. 

What a great way to add a splash of color to your kitchen.

It's so nice and stretchy too which leads me to another thought.

If you are going to be making any knit gifts like hats, socks, mittens, things like that and you don't have the exact size, you can use this stitch pattern. 

That way if you do knit something a little small it will stretch. You know what I mean? 

It's just a nice thought to keep in mind when the time rolls around for making gifts.

Oh and one more knitting idea

This lovely stitch pattern would make terrific thermal knit under garments. 

What a great way to keep your kids, toddlers and babies nice and warm when they're outside. Just don't forget to make yourself some too.

Scarves, cowls and fingerless mittens are all great ideas as well so go ahead and get started with this simple stitch pattern and let your imagination flow.

Waffle Stitch Pattern

Skills required: Knit and Purl

Multiple of 3 sts + 1

If you'd like to knit a sample cast on 13, 16, 19 or 22 stitches.

Row 1: (WS) Knit 1, * Purl 2, Knit 1, repeat from * to end

Row 2: P1, *K2, P1 rep from * to end

Row 3: Knit

Row 4: Repeat row 2

This completes the waffle pattern.

Would you like to practice with a cool knitting pattern?  I just happen to have one for you.  

Waffle Stitch Super Scarf Knitting Pattern 

I used the waffle stitch for my super scarf so you could practice.

Here's the link to my super scarf knitting pattern.

Happy Knitting!

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