Joining Yarn In Knitting
How To Add A New Ball Of Yarn

Joining yarn in knitting is a basic knitting technique for adding a new ball of yarn 

I thought I'd show you how to change yarn the basic but super easy way. This is the one I use the most.

After all you'll have plenty of time to try new ways once you've mastered the basics.

So you've come to the end of your old ball of yarn and need to join in a new ball right?

Or maybe you found a knot in your yarn. This happens and the best way to deal with it is cut it out.

With any kind of yarn imperfection it's best to cut it away. 

***Important Note About Knots In Yarn***

There may be times that you find some sort of a knot in your yarn. Don't knit them.

That teeny tiny knot is usually holding the two pieces of yarn together ever so slightly. 

The problem is, when you tug on the ends it comes apart. If it doesn't right away it will. 

So if you ignore it (yup I've done it) it'll probably either come apart or start poking out on the right side.

And it never fails, that knot will probably be right smack dab in the front where everyone can see it.

The best advice is, when you come across any knot in yarn, cut it out all together. 

Then use my basic knitting technique for joining yarn. It's one of the best ways to deal with it.

Layout For Joining New Yarn

In the photo below I want you to have a look at the layout for joining new yarn.

It can be confusing on just how to place the new yarn. So have a look here.

The new yarn end lies along the left side of the left needle when joining yarn.

Joining yarn in knitting - layout

And the old yarn end lies on the right side of your right knitting needle. 

Make sure to leave about 3 - 6 inches so that you can weave it in securely. 

And just a quick note this join works for Garter stitch too. 

Wondering About Joining Yarn In The Round?

The layout is the same if you're wondering how to change yarn when you knit in the round

The only difference is that you don't have an end of the row. But it still works the same way.

So in this case I try to get close to where a seam might be like under the arm or off to the side a bit.  

That way it's not right in the spotlight where the eyes focus. But if you can't?

Being able to position where you'll be joining yarn isn't always a choice though so do it carefully.

The main thing to watch for is keeping the tension of your stitches the same as you add the new yarn.

You may have to fiddle a bit with the stitches a little that's all. 

So let's get started...

Joining New Yarn In Knitting

1. I like to knit the first stitch with the old yarn to keep the seam edge nice and neat.

joining yarn in knitting

It's a matter of choice though and I can't always do it this way.

For instance if I'm knitting stripes I join yarn at the very beginning of the row

Let's keep going....

2. Grab the tail end of the old ball of yarn and the new yarn, wrap both yarns around the right needle and knit it.  

joining yarn in knitting

That's right, just like the picture below

joining yarn in knitting

Knit the next stitch the same way using both yarns. 

Don't worry if the stitches are loose, it's okay. You can fix it in a minute. 

3. Knit two or three stitches and drop old yarn end and continue knitting with the new one.

joining yarn in knitting

One or two stitches work well with me. And its never come undone.  :)

Once you've worked a few more stitches stop knitting and turn your knitting over.

Now you can secure both yarn ends until your finished knitting and there are two ways to try.

4a. First you can try a half knot like the photo below. Just wrap the two ends like you're going to tie a shoelace.

joining yarn in knitting

4b. Or you can make a small bow to fasten the ends together like below. I use this one the most. 

joining yarn in knitting

That way the ends will be more secure until you're ready to weave them in. 

Now turn your knitting over and continue knitting to the end of the row.

Working The Joins On The Next Row

You now know how to join yarn and on the next row you'll secure the new yarn even more.

It's super easy to do. Have a look

5. Begin your next row by knitting or purling depending whether you're knitting stockinette stitch. 

Joining yarn in knitting - knitting joins on next row

Knit across to where the join is of the old and new yarns, the double stitches

Now if you're knitting then knit the double stitches and if you're purling then purl them.

 In the photo above I began to knit the stitch in order to show you.  

How To Change Yarn Colors

So what happens if you're changing yarn colors?  Well that's no problem.

1. Knit to where you want to add your new yarn color. Drop the old yarn and start knitting with the new one.  

joining yarn changing colors

The stitches will be loose but you can fix them in a minute. 

I tend to hold the yarn ends gently in my right hand until I've knitted a couple of stitches.

2. Knit a couple more stitches just like the photo below

Changing yarn color and stitching

Then stop knitting and turn your knitting over. 

Once again tie a half knot or bow just like we did above with the same color.

how to change yarn colors - securing ends

That way the stitches won't feel so floppy. And just keep knitting on.

That's all there is to changing yarn colors. It's quite simple right? 

Joining Yarn Knitting Tips for Closing Joins

Are you wondering how to close up the joins and weave in all the ends?   

Okay, have a look at the back of my knitting. This is where I added a new ball. 

Tips for sewing joins after adding new ball of yarn

OK, so there's a hole. 

Now take the two yarn ends and twist them both around one whole turn. 

Knitting tips for sewing joins after adding new ball of yarn

The photo above is part way and the photo below is twisted right around. 

Joining yarn and securing joins to weave in end

You may need to adjust the tension of your stitches and fiddle with it a bit until it's right. 

Then just weave in the ends and you'll be done.

The same color yarn ends will go in the same color part of the fabric if you have different colors.

Here is my same color swatch and I don't think you can tell where the joins were right?

After joining new ball of yarn

And here is the finished swatch with the new color. It looks good too!

After joining new ball of yarn

Now it's your turn. You can do this!

Just in case you'd prefer to watch how it's done I found two great knitting videos. 

One is using the same color yarn and the other is adding a new color. 

Joining Yarn With Same Color Knitting Video

Joining Yarn With New Color Knitting Video

I hope this helps. Happy Knitting!

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