Fingerless Mittens
Beginner Knitting Pattern

Fingerless mittens are fun to knit.  And I just love this simple beginner knitting pattern.  Even though this pattern is great for beginners it's also a lot of fun to knit because they're so quick to make.  And they make a great last minute gift idea.

Why make mitts fingerless?  What use are they anyway?

You know I used to think that way but I have a good use for them. 

You see I don't like driving with gloves on.  Somehow I don't feel comfortable and my hands slip more easily along the steering wheel.  These work great for that purpose.  I can still have my fingers free to get a little more grip on the wheel and my hands aren't so cold. 

Of course they are great if you do a lot of texting too and want to keep your hands warm.

I nice idea too, is to make them longer so they go up your arm a little further. That way they'll keep you warmer.  

If you would like to download this knitting pattern as a PDF file you can do this here.

Fingerless Mittens Knitting Pattern

fingerless mittens

Skills Required:
Garter stitch


  • 1 skein (4 oz/173 g /204 yds/187 m) Red Heart Gumdrop in color of your choice. This color is Juicy
  • Tapestry needle
  • Needles: US #8 (5mm)

Gauge:  5 stitches and 8 rows = 1 inch (Please note that for this particular knitting project gauge isn't important)

Pattern Notes: 

You can use any worsted weight yarn you like.  And since these mittens are made in Garter stitch they will stretch quite a bit.  You don't have to worry about knitting gauge.  I only listed the knitting gauge as a point of reference.

When you cast on stitches you will be casting on the length so if you would like to have them longer to go up your arm just cast on more stitches.

Pattern Instructions:  Make 2

Cast on 27 stitches

Knit every row for 40 - 60 rows (that would be 20 - 30 garter ridges) depending on your hand size.  I knit 60 rows however my hands are on the bigger side.  Simply wrap your knitting around your hand to see how they fit.  Snug enough?  Not too tight?  Just right?  Awesome, then you're done.

Bind off loosely.

Finish:  Fold square lengthwise so that garter stitch ridges form vertical stripes.  Seam up sides leaving a hole for your thumb.

Time to enjoy

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