OXO Cable Stitch Pattern

The OXO cable stitch pattern has to be the cutest cable pattern I have knitted up. You just have to try it.

If you are sentimental like I am then this is the perfect stitch pattern to use on your family and loved ones.  What a nice way to give and send a hug to someone you love.

Talk about love going into every stitch.  It's just perfect.

The hugs and kisses cable is relatively simple to make and it would look great on things like handwarmers, scarves, headbands and anything that calls for cable stitches.

It's also great cable knitting practice and fun to watch it take shape.

 OXO Cable Pattern

Note:  For practice purposes when you knit this stitch pattern, you may want to add 6 extra stitches. That way you can make a small edging to it and it won't curl. So every row will start with Knit 3, then work the pattern stitch, and end with Knit 3.  You'll have a nice garter stitch edging.

Just make sure to add 6 extra stitches to the actual stitch pattern.  The stitch pattern is worked over 12 stitches so instead cast on 18.


K, k knit
P, p purl
cn cable needle
sl, slip

This cable stitch pattern is worked over a 12 stitch panel.   

OXO cable

Row 1 and 3 (Wrong side): Knit 2, purl 8, k2.

Row 2: P2, knit 8, purl 2

Row 4: Purl 2, Slip next 2 stitches (purlwise) to the cable needle and hold at back of knitting, knit 2, k2 off cable needle; slip the next 2 stitches (purlwise) to the cn. Hold on front side. Knit 2,  knit 2 off cable needle; p2

Row 5, 6 and 7:  As row 1, 2, and 3

Row 8:  Purl 2, slip next 2 stitches (purlwise) to the cable needle.  Hold on front side. Knit 2 then k2 off cable needle; slip the next 2 stitches (purlwise) to the cn.  Hold in back. Knit 2, knit 2 off cable needle; purl 2

Row 9 - 12:  Work row 5 - 8 again.

Row 13 - 16 - Work row 1 - 4 again.

These rows create the 'hugs and kisses' cable

For knitting practice here's a couple of ideas:

And this is also why I suggested the garter stitch edging too. Keep working the OXO cable pattern until it fits around your head.  Actually about one inch less so that it's not too loose.  Then you'll have a nice headband.  


Trying making a wrist warmer instead.  Then you don't have to make it so long.

Have fun makings x's and o's.  Once you get the hang of it I'll bet it's one you keep coming back too. 

OXO cable to knitting stitch patterns

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